Local Bands Chosen to Compete in the #ChampionBandSearch at Gourmet Boerie

Four local bands have been chosen to battle it out for the Campsite Gig Rig Slot at this year’s Rocking the Daisies Music and Lifestyle Festival. Bringing a diverse range of sounds, Josh Roxton, Early Hours, Jeremy Douglas and McCree will perform at Gourmet Boerie’s Thursday night acoustic sessions during the month of September. Each band is allocated an evening to perform at Gourmet Boerie from 20:00 to 21:00.

 Calendar of Events:

  • Josh Roxton – Thursday 5th September 2013
  • Early Hours – Thursday 12th September 2013
  • Jeremy Douglas – Thursday 19th September 2013
  • McCree – Thursday 26th September 2013

Bands will have four weeks, between Wednesday 4th September at 9:00 and Wednesday 2nd October at 9:00, to generate as much buzz on Twitter as possible. The band with the most number of unique tweets that include the hashtag #ChampionBandSearch will play on the Campsite Gig Rig on Thursday 3rd October. The Champion Band winner will be announced on Wednesday 2nd October.

Fans that attend Gourmet Boerie’s Thursday night acoustic sessions in support of their favourite local band will have the chance to win epic spot give-away prizes while enjoying Gourmet Boerie’s 55 buckaroo special. Five lucky fans will be awarded a package deal comprised of one double ticket to the 2013 Rocking the Daisies Festival and a Memphis Tent ticket to the value of R7200. Alternate prizes include Rocking the Daisies tickets valued at R600 each and Studio 7 tickets valued at R200 each.

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@RockingTheDaisy – Rocking the Daisies

@blacklabelSA – Carling Black Label

@Studio7Sessions – Studio 7

GB_Champion Band Search_Josh Roxton

Join Josh, his friends and his fans at Gourmet Boerie’s first acoustic session, as he performs his eclectic array of sounds, from the gentle romance of “Daughers of the Water” to the upbeat rhythm of “Opal Light.” To award Josh the title as the Champion Band winner, join the #ChampionBandSearch conversation and tag @JoshRoxton. To learn more about Josh and to hear his phenomenal sounds, please visit www.facebook.com/joshroxton.

For more information on #ChampionBandSearch, contact Allie at: allie@redcarpetconcepts.co.za or on 087 230 7269.


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